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Las Vegas Police Report

On September 7, 1996, after the "Mike Tyson Fight" at the MGM Hotel in Las Vegas, there was a large entourage of "Death Row Records" people and some "Blood" gang members. The entourage had seen several "SOUTHSIDE CRIP" people at the fight. The "Death Row Records" people observed a "SOUTHSIDE CRIP" gang member alone in the lobby. "Tray" recognized the "SOUTHSIDE CRIP" member to be one of the people who took his "Death Row" chain at lakewood Mall and pointed him out to Tupac Shakur (who had a fresh "MOB" tatto on his arm). Shakur confronted the "SOUTHSIDE CRIP" member, saying "you from the South?" and beguan fighting him. Several of the other bloods also began striking the "SOUTHSIDE CRIP". The altercation was broken up by security, and the "Death Row Records'" poeple left. The "Death Row Records'" people were caravaning in several vehicles enroute the "662 Club". "Suge" and Tupac were in the first vehicle. Some of their people in the vehicles that followed were "Buntry" (Alton MacDonald), "Neckbone" (Roger Williams), "Hen Dog" (Henry Smith), "Lil Wack 2" (Allen Jordan), "Tray" (Travon Lane)--all "MOB PIRUS"--and Tupac's security person, Frank. The entourage stopped for a red light at Flamingo and Las Vegas Boulevard, when a Cadillac pulled up next to Tupac and "Suge". There were at least two people in the Cadillac. The passenger got out "talking shit" and pulled a gun and began shooting, hitting Tupac and "Suge". The suspects in the Cadillac left and were thought to be caught by the police, by the "Death Row Records" personnel. The "PIRU" and "Death Row Records" people met at the "662 Club" (The number 662 coincide with letters on the telephone to spell MOB) after the shooting. "Timmy-Ru" (Tim MacDonald), "Mob James" (James MacDonald), "Tray". and others were present. "Tray" was telling everyone that the shooter was the same person they jumped at the "MGM". "Tray" said that he knew the person ans that the shooter was "Keffee D's" (Keith Davis) nephew from "SOUTHSIDE CRIPS". The gang members were saying "It's on" (gang war) when we get back to Compton (with "SSC"). Several of the gang members left Las Vegas Saturday and Sunday amd came back to Compton.
On Sunday afternoon on September 9, 1996, the following gang members met at Leuders Park to discuss retaliation against "S.S.C": "MOB PIRUS"--"S-Ru" (Eugene-19 years old), "Mikey Ru" (Michael Payne), Khalif Perkins, aka "Black", "Bear"-21 years old, "Mar-Ru" (Marvin-20 years old); "LEUDERS PARK PIRUS"--"O.G. Money" (Lamont Akens), "C.K. Vell" (Lavell McAdory), "Ace" (Shawn Verwtte), "Hack" (Ephram Burgie), "Mack" (George Mack), "White Boy" (Danny Patton), "Lil Scar", male Black 18 years, "Big Scar"-male Black 24 years, "T-Spoon" (Brandon Jones), and "Spook" aka "Lil Roach" (Posaun Gant); "ELM LANE PIRUS"--"Spooky-Ru" (Anthony Hardiman), "Lil Vent Dog" (Harold Wilson), "Tron" (Detron Turner), "O.G. Chism"--in a wheel chair--(David Chism) and "Lu Dog" (Lucius Duplessis). "O.G. Money" (Lamont Akens), "C.K. Vell" (Lavell McAdory), "Spook" (Rosaum Gant) and "Ace" (Shawn Verrette) said that they were down with "PIRU", Kory Wilson aka "Kory" a "FRUITTOWN PIRU", Robert Howell aka "Lil Rooster" a "FRUITTOWN PIRU", and Anthony Brown aka "Lil Hob" a "CEDAR BLOCK PIRU". Officer Idlebird field interviewed "ELM LANE PIRU" member Brandon Wright aka Brandon Jones (Lowdown) at the park. On September 13, 1996, approximately 22.25 hours, Tyrone Libscomb and David McKulin were shot at 802 South Ward. A vehicle and house were struck by the gunfire. Casings (.45 calibre) were found at the scene, (Cases# 9636177, 9636164, 9636186 and 9636178). Suspects in this case and the next detailed case are believed to possibly be the six (6) "BLOOD" gang members field interviewed by Officers Clark and Idlebird at Leuders Park.
On September 14, 1996, approximately 17.00 hours, Officer R. Richardson was contacted by an informant who didn't wish to be identified. The informant said that "Baby Lane" (Orlando Anderson) from "SOUTHSIDE CRIPS" killed Tupac. "Baby Lane is Orlando Anderson.
On September 16, 1996, approximately 12.00 hours, Deputy Paul Fournier and Deputy Mike Caouette, and your Affiant met with Las Vegas Police Department's Homicide Division. We contacted Sergant Kevin Manning, Detectives Brent Becker and Mike Frants. We exchanged information on the Tupac Shakur homicide and our recent shootings and homicides. We viewed a videotape of the assault--on a male Black, who I recognized to be Orlando Anderson aka "Baby Lane"--by Tupac Shakur, Marion "Suge" Knight, and other "Death Row Records" people. The tape was of the events after the Mike Thyson Fight at the "MGM" Hotel. Las Vegas Police Department advised that a newer model Cadillac possibly followed the entourage of vehicles after the fight, and was the vehicle used by the suspect(s) who shot Tupac Shakur. Las Vegas Police Department advised that the vehicle contained 2-4 mal Black occupantc. They have received several anonymous calls, mostly saying "Baby Lane" shot Tupac. They have also received calls saying Darnell Brim, Bobby Finch, and Davion Brooks were also in the vehicle with "Baby Lane". Las Vegas Police Department said that they had received a few more calls saying that Terrence Brown aka "T-Brown" a "SOUTSIDE CRIP" and Davion Brooks were in the car with "Baby Lane". Las Vegas Police Department had a Las Vegas adress on Davion Brooks. (The address was subsequently checked by Las Vegas Police Department. Brooks had moved the first week of September 1996. The apartment leasee was David Keith ake "Tank", an employee of the "MGM" Hotel in Las Vegas, and the same person field interviewed after a Compton shooting on September 10, 1996. Las Vegas Police Department's records revealed Keith was arrested for a warrant on September 11, 1996 in Las Vegas). The Nevada license# 278GSM (on the vehicle drive by David Keith in Compton) came back to 2109 Haveling Street, Las Vegas, Nevada. This is the same address as the tag found on the duffel bag at 1315 East Glencoe, suspected of being used to bring the guns inside. Las Vegas Police Department examined the box of .40

--- The text breaks here, no more pages of the police report availible

Note: This is the official Las Vegas police report. Is seems to be clear, that Orlando Anderson aka "Baby Lane" was the shooter on September 7, 1996.
May 29, 1998: Orlando Anderson is killed during a pispute at a Los Angeles car wash In the December 1997 issue of "VIBE" Suge tells Sanyika Shakur (Monster Kody) that Orlando Anderson killed Pac. Now there should be no more questions

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