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2Pac's Name - Tupac Amaru Shakur - Lesane Parish Crooks

When Tupac was born to Alice Faye Williams (later called Afeni Shakur) he was named Lesane Parish Crooks, not Tupac Amaru. After Alice Faye Walker married Mutulu Shakur, who became Pacs Stepfather and the man in his life, she changed her name to Afeni Shakur. Mutulu was muslim, and Shakur stands for "Thankful to god". Afeni changed Tupacs name in 1972. Tupac Amaru was named after a famous inca who fought for the incas rights.

The second meaning of Tupac Amaru is arabic and means "Shining serpent"

HipHop aliases:

Tupac was always a revolutionary, when he moved to the westcoast, he started rappin at the age of 15, his first alias was MC New York he wore a t-shirt with MC NEW YORK written with iron letters on it. In 1986, Tupac made a video at school, lipsinging Will Smiths "Parents don't understand".
At the age of 17, when Tupac lived on the Streets of Oakland, his Name changed from Tupac to 2Pac, he begun signin his poems and lyrics with 2Pac. In 1992 Tupac formed a rap group called "THUG LIFE", this year he got the "THUG LIFE" tattood on his stomach. THUGLIFE means "The Hate U Give Lil Infants Fuck Everybody" said Pac.
In 1995 2Pac took the alias Makaveli, Machiavelli was an italian writer, who wrote "The Prince", a book that Tupac read when he was 15, in it Machiavelli said You have to fake your death to stop your enemies. Under the name Makaveli, 2Pac formed his last rap group, "The Outlawz".

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