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Did Suge Knight Order The Hit

This section seems to be outdated, i think Orlando Anderson has killed Tupac, but anyway, read this plot for another version of Tupacs death

Here are some E-Mails claiming that Suge ordered the murder

I got this from Bernice I. Larsen: Listen carefully to the first song on the Makaveli album at the beginning of "Bomb First" before the church bell rings. Someone in the background says "Suge shot me". It doesn't sound like Tupac,but it could be. I think Tupac didn't want to say it or else it would be reconized to easily, But if Tupac was alive when the album was being made how would he know that Suge had him set up? Maybe after the album was completed and after Tupac's death, someone close to Tupac or Death Row who found out what happened about the murder edited it in the new album. If anyone has any ideas or answers about this E-mail me.

David & Sandy Lybarger mailed me this: I think that at the first of Bomb First when he says " Suge shot me" I think that it was Yafeu Fula, because he was the one who claimed he knew who killed Tupac. He probably put it on the album after Tupac was murdered and says " Suge shot me" so it would be sounding like Suge Shot Tupac. I think Suge heard it and had Fula killed. Fula was able to get to the track because he was one of the Outlaw Immortalz and plus he was on a couple other tracks on Makaveli. What do you think.

Later I got another mail where they said that they had received an E-mail from Fula's half brother, and he had said that it wasn't Fula who said it, but a man called Hakeem.

This is so f*cking interesting that I have included the entier mail I got from Read it! Tupac had written a letter to Suge saying that he was planning on leaving death row. 2Pac had recorded 200 songs and if he left death row they left with him. If he died on death row, Suge makes millions.Suge could have set the date of the murder to be suspicious because if niggaz thought he was alive theyd buy the 200 songs. If ya gotz any questions on why the other alive proofs are shit, e mail me ( Although i cant say for sure, someone i trust told me that the surveilance camera at MGM grand picked up Suge saying "Yo Pac take off your vest (bulletproof) its hotter than a motha f*cka." Also the police didnt say thatFulla had said hed be a witness until after fulla was shot. The only person who knew hed come forward was Suge, who also had him killed. Also the reason death row employees wouldnt tell the cops who did it was because it was Suge. They'd tell if it was Biggie or Orlando Anderson cause they want those niggaz f*cked up. And now that Suge is in jail and they dont have to fear him, 3 of the death row niggaz who said they aint seen shit are now sayinng that they did. Also if it was the crips like evryone thinks they would have gone for Suge not Pac. Suge was the one in the Bloods and he was the one who hit Anderson. Im not sayin that Suge shot him himself, he probably set him up. But he may have shotten him himself. Some bulletholes were in the drivers seat where Suge should have been. Now, realize one thing. For Pac to fake his death hed have to bribe a shitload of people. Hed have to bribe every member of the Las vegas police, all the doctors in the hospital, at least some members of the media, and the funeral and cremation places. He might even have to bribe some FBI niggaz. If these people were caught that they were in on someone faking his death, theyd be put away 4 life. Noones gonna take that risk for under a million dollars. I dont think Pac had that much $$$. It would be hundreds of millions maybe billions. Pac was broke when he died, And neither him or all of death row has that much. Death row said that it had made about 200 million in its time. Also Suge passed 2 hospitals on the way 2 the one he brouht Pac too. Why would he do that? to make Pac bleed more. he lost 22 ounces of blood on the way. Also on Bomb First, Track 1 on the don killumanati, after the bells someone says Suge Shot Me

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