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Plot Synopsis:

Best friends Q, Bishop, Raheem, and Stell live in a world where fun and danger exist side-by-side, and violence is powerfully seductive. These four Harlem friends take on the neighborhood - and each other - to get the power and respect they call Juice.

Release Date: January 17, 1992
Director: Ernest R. Dickerson
Writers: Gerard Brown, Dickerson
Length: 95 minutes
Musical Score: Bomb Squad
Rating: R
Cast: Omar Epps, Tupac Shakur (Bishop), Jermaine Hopkins, Khalil Kain, Cindy Herron, Vincent Laresca, Samuel L. Jackson

Poetic Justice

Plot Synopsis:

Soft-hearted, slow-moving drama about South Central L.A. woman struggling to recover after boyfriend's murder. With its energetic performances, this appeals to fans of stars, those seeking slice-of-life romance.

Release Date: July 23, 1993
Director: John Singleton
Writer: John Singleton
Length: 109 minutes
Rating: R
Box office sales: $27,5 million
Cast: Janet Jackson, Tupac Shakur (Lucky), Tyra Ferrell, Regina King, Q-Tip, Keith Washington, Joe Torry, Maya Angelou

Above The Rim

Plot Synopsis:

Reel Snapshot: Inner-city basketball drama about hoop whiz-kid juggling recruiters and drug lords. With its on-location Harlem setting, convincing performances, slice-of-life portraits, this pleases drama fans willing to overlook some formulaic elements.

Release Date: March 23, 1994
Director: Jeff Pollack
Writer: Jeff Pollack
Length: 97 minutes
Studio Score: New Line Cinema
Rating: R
Box office sales: $16,19 million
Cast: Duane Martin, Tupac Shakur (Birdie), Leon, Marlon Eayans, Tonya Pinkins, Bernie Mac


Plot Synopsis:

Mickey Rourke and Tupac Shakur aptly enact turf-battling thugs bent on revenge. Gritty street crime realism and junkie lifestyle is effectively portrayed, sure to please fans of violent down-and-out drama.

Release Date: January 21, 1997
Director: Julien Temple
Writer: Bruce Rubenstein, Sir Eddie Cook
Length: 96 minutes
Studio: New Line Home Cinema
Rating: R
Cast: Mickey Rourke, Tupac Shakur (Tank), Ted Levine, Adrien Brody


Plot Synopsis:

After a friend overdoses, Spoon and Stretch decide to kick their drug habits and attempt to enroll in a government detox program. Their efforts are hampered by seemingly endless red tape, as they are shuffled from one office to another while being chased by drug dealers and the police.

Release Date: January 29, 1997
Director: Vondie Curtis Hall
Writer: Vondie Curtis Hall
Length: 91 minutes
Studio: Gramercy Pictures
Musical Score: Stewart Copeland
Rating: R
Cast: Tim Roth, Tupac Shakur (Spoon), Thandie Newton

Gang Related

Plot Synopsis:

Reel Snapshot: Gritty crime drama about two dirty cops' murderous drug-dealing scheme backfiring. None-too-fussy crime story fans should enjoy the corrupt characters, plot twists, though critics panned the ending as contrived.

Release Date: October 8,1997
Director: Jim Kouf
Writer: Jim Kouf
Length: 122 minutes
Studio: Orion Pictures
Rating: R
Cast: James Belushi, Tupac Shakur (Rodriguez), Lela Rochon, Dennis Quaid

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