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CD Reviews

2Pac & Outlawz - Still I Rise


1. Letter to the President
2. Still I Rise - Outlawz
3. Secretz of War
4. Baby Don't Cry (Keep Ya Head up II)
5. As the World Turns
6. Black Jesuz
7. Homeboyz
8. Hell 4 a Hustler
9. High Speed
10. Good Die Young
11. Killuminati
12. Teardrops and Closed Caskets
13. Tattoo Tears
14. U Can Be Touched
15. Y'all Don't Know Us

When you think of tha late great Makavelli,during his last year or so of living,his music reflects a different,militant frame of mind,which isn't the same as it was early on. Yet when Pac took the time out to record Still I Rise with tha introspective group under his wings,tha Outlawz, we see a pleasant resurgence of that old frame of mind,which deals with many political and social issues. Throughout tha album, tha listener gets many uplifting messages. What makes this record special is that its unapologetic. From tha desperate criez to Clinton about tha state of their society in Letter 2 tha President, to the more personal story in Baby Dont Cry, tha Outlawz blend with Pac better than any other artist had. As tha World Turns has a nice piano line which carries with tha flows of tha Outlawz,as they hurl lyrics about their life. Tha Good Die Young is another stand out track, as Makavelli and tha Lawz go deeper than ever on extreme,emotional issues. Tha production on Still I Rise matches tha words of all members. Tha beats are very melodic and help tha emotional appeal of tha album.
Still I Rise is far from what many would expect from a group like tha Outlawz, because of their prior appearances of Hit Em Up, As We Ride, Made N*ggaz. But when people give a chance with tha record, it takes but four tracks deep to paint a new and better image of tha group. Still I Rise is not a hip hop gem. Its a musical gem. All audiences could extract substance and meaning from tha record. We get that good ol 2Pac feel,and we get to know every memeber of tha Outlawz on tha deepest level, and learn that they are a young group who have a lot of relevant things to say about life and politics.
Above everything,Still I Rise is a perfect example of tha fact that thugz are not cold-hearted criminals,but deep thinkers and great poets.
As for tha Outlawz, although missing tha legendary Makavelli, tha high hopes of Kadafi, and tha witty Fatal, tha group have more than enough talent and potential to be one of tha best and crucial rap groups ever. Afterall,they were trained by tha best..

Album reviewed by Shiesty Whyte

Busta Rhymes - Genesis


2. Everybody Rise Again
3. As I Come Back
4. Shut 'Em Down 2002
5. Genesis
6. Betta Stay Up In Your House
7. We Got What You Want
8. Truck Volume
9. Pass The Courvosier
10. Break Ya Neck
11. Bounce (Let Me See Ya Throw It)
12. Holla
13. Wife In Law
14. A** On Your Shoulders
15. Make It Hurt
16. What It Is
17. There's Only One
18. You Ain't F***in' Wit Me
19. Match The Name With The Voice
20. Bad Dreams

What is it with Busta Rhymes that verybody likes ? is it his delivery ? his lyrics ? no, foremost i think it's the energy in which Busta spits his usually high standard verses. On "Genesis" his fourth solo album he has managed to yet again drop an album that is entertaining and allround good hip-hop.
He jumps it off with an entertaining Clive David intro on which Dolemite finishes it off. There is a song for everyone on this album, tracks such as "Break Ya Neck", "Pass The Courvoisier (feat. P. Diddy)" and "What It Is" (feat. Kelsi) will get dancefloors going nationwide. So are there any flaws to this album ? yes, unfortunately there are. Altough the title-track "Genesis" has good lyrics the underlining beat is just plain annoying same with the anti-chickenhead anthem "Ass on your shoulders".
Overall this is a strong deliverance by Busta with little flaws (hell even the skits are funny !!)so this album deserves a definite 4 cd's.

Album reviewed by The_Definitive

D12 - Devils Night


1. Another Public Service Announcement
2. Shit Can Happen
3. Pistol Pistol
4. Bizarre (Skit)
5. Nasty Mind
6. Ain't Nuttin' But Music
7. American Psycho
8. That's How (Skit)
9. That's How...
10. Purple Pills
11. Fight Music
12. Instigator
13. Pimp Like Me
14. Blow My Buzz
15. Obie Trice (Skit)
16. Devils Night
17. Steve Berman (Skit)
18. Revelation
19. Girls

Heavy D's words of wisdom
Eminem has done it, or so he thinks. He made it to the rap scene, and now hes bringing some of his buddy's to the top. From Detriot, He brings you D12. They album is called "Devils night" which has some tight rhymes, but not steady. A few of the songs are alright, but some are just out of it. The bonus tack, entitled "Girls", is how Eminem disses not only Everlast, a current fued hes in, but also Fred Durst and DJ Lethal.If they could choose one song that would go to the top of the charts on this album, they definately picked it: and thats Purple Pills. The lyrics are very eminem-ish, but the beat is bumpin'. If your fried, you will definatly love this song :). Overall though, i only give it a 3 out of 5 cds, because they got the talent and the voices, but since Eminem got them on the scene, do they stil need him? we will find out on their next album, whenever the hell that is.

Album reviewed by Heavy D

2Pac - Until The End Of Time


01 Ballad Of A Dead Soulja
02 Fuck Friendz
03 Lil Homies
04 Let Em Have It
05 Good Life
06 Letter 2 My Unborn
07 Breathin'
08 Happy Home
09 All Out
10 Fuckin Wit The Wrong Nigga
11 Thug N U Thug N Me
12 Everything They Owe
13 Until The End Of Time
14 M.O.B.
15 World Wide Mob Figgaz

"Tupac Shakur may be gone, but he isn't forgotten -- and won't be if his mother Afeni Shakur and Death Row have anything to say in the matter. And they do, since this double CD -- the latest installment of the posthumous 2Pac story -- is the first of two double albums culled from his final recordings sessions for 1996's Makaveli. Heavy on outside contributions and certainly missing 2Pac's editorial control and final production decisions, Until the End of Time bops and weaves from peak to valley in schizophrenic fashion. Ballad of a Dead Soulja kicks things off with sparse, pumped bass and a tough, firm beat, but the lean aggression that was 2Pac's legacy is frequently sweetened with superfluous choruses ("This Ain't Livin'") and over-busy arrangements. Within the twenty-nine tracks, however, there are pieces ("Lil Homies," "Lastonesleft" featuring Outlawz) where sublime melodicism manages to successfully polish these rough drafts."

Album reviewed by BSweet

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