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Orlando Anderson Theory

This is an interview Orlando Anderson and his lawyer Renee L. Campbell did with Sanyika Shakur for VIBEs December 1997 Issue

Why did the Death Row crew zero in on you that night at the MGM?
I really don't know why. I don't even know them

Who pushed you first?
Actually, I think it was Tupac

What did he say when he first stepped to you?
I don't really think he said anything. It happened so fast. All I felt was a swarm

You didn't recognize nobody else? Did you recoginze Suge?
I seen him on the videotape later

Where we from in Compton, our first instinct - after beeing assaulted, insulted, shoe stepped on - is to respond. Did you feel calling your peeps?
Me and my brother ain't like that. I was just scared because I done heard so much about these guys. It was, like, Damn, what did I do?

So you are not a Southside Crip?

Are you affiliated with the Southside Crips?
No. I ain't no gang member. I know a lot of people; I grew up with a lot of people; I went to school with a lot of people.

So, nobody in your immediate family bangs?
My brothers? Naw.

Besides your brothers?
Well, y'knowhamsayin', there's my uncle and them.

The police said that they raided a Southside hangout, and there were guns there and a diploma on the wall with your name on it. Yet you said you lived next door.
[Anderson's lawyer writes on a yellow notepad and pushes it toward him] I'm not gonna answer that.
Cambell: The affidavit is full of fiction. There is nothing in there that's independently corroborated. We don't know why that particular Compton police officer wrote it, but it's full of lies.

It was reported that you were bragging about whacking Makaveli.
You might as well don't even pay attention to the affidavit.

That wasn't just the affidavit. People on the street in Compton told VIBE you were bragging about it.
[Shakes his head; no response]

Do they call you Baby Lane?
Some People call me that.

When I was in jail with Suge Knight, he said, "Baby Lane did it." How do you respond to this guy's saying you were the shooter?
I really don't know why Suge would say something like that. I don't even know Suge.
Campbell: As far as we're concerned, whatever Suge Knight is saying, he's saying for gis own gain. We've also named him in the lawsuit. There is no evidence against Orlando. If they would do a proper investigation, they would very likely find out who killed Tupac.

On the stand, you said Suge was not involved in your beating, that he tried to stop it. Now you're naming him in the lawsuit for participating in your beating.
At the time, I was fearing for my life.

You were fearing Suge's camp? Death Row People?
Campbell: we don't want to comment on whom he was fearing.

Aren't you worried about perjury charges?
Campbell: Even at the time [Orlando] testified, the judge was very skeptical. People say what they need to say if their safety is threatened.

Why change the story now? Are you less scared?
Campbell: No, it's not that. Orlando was advised by his lawyers that if he was going to bring this lawsuit, then he would need to bring it now. He suffered injuries; he has damages that he wants to collect on.
Anderson: I was kicked in my head, and I was bleeding out of my ear. My hands right here were swollen.

How do you feel about Tupac's mother filing this countersuit against you?
That's nonsense to me.
Campbell: That was done solely in response to the lawsuit we filed. Her lawsuit has absolutely no basis.

You were on "America's Most Wanted". Have you had any troubles because you were named as a suspect in Tupac's killing?
I've been threatened a lot.

How has this altered your life?
I just stay in the house all the time.

Why don't you just get vested an heated an continue to do your things? Life goes on. Even 'Pac himself said it.
I ain't that type of person. I'll just put it in the Lord's hands.

Did anybody ever tell you that you were very much resamble Tupac?
Yeah, a couple od people have told me that.

Do you feel any resentment toward Tupac's spirit, like, Look at what the hell you done got me into?
I think like that all the time, wondering why. Not only put me through a lot of stuff but put my family through a lot of stuff too.

So, you have lost passion for Tupac's music? Do you still listen to him?
Yeah, I still listen to his music.

Because you feel him?
Yeah. To me he was like the Marvin Gaye of rap. If he was to comeout with some new music, I'm still about his music.

Do you have a favorite 'Pac song?
"All Eyez on Me."

Especially now, huh? What do you wish at this particular juncture in your life?
I wish they would find who did it so I can prove my innocence.

Note: Orlando Anderson was killed May 29, 1998, this is what I know about his murder:
On May 29, 1998 Orlando Anderson, Michael Stone, and his nephew, Jerry Stone were in a shootout outside a carwash in Compton. They died at King-Drew Medical Center in L. A. Michael Reed Dorrough was wounded and later arrested in connection with the shooting. No one was ever charged.

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