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QDIII Interview

Below is the exclusive Interview I did with Quincy D. Jones III for on February 10, 2002

2Pac2K: Lets start from the beginning, how did you feel when you first meet Tupac, I think that was after Pac said this words about your father for which he'd later apologize?

QDIII: Before I met him I didn't really think too much of him because he was always running his mouth and acting out of control. But when I heard Dear Mama I realized that he was one of the first rappers that did a song that had real emotion that really moved me. At that point I started diggin' his music and after he got out of jail I contacted him and asked him if the album was done and he said yes but let me hear what you got. I gave him a beat tape with "Heaven Ain't Hard To Find" and he said that's just what I need right now and he ended up taking a song off of "All Eyes.." and adding "Heaven...". And he wrote it so quick and he was so cool and real that over night I under stood that he had a special gift that I had never witnessed anything like before in all my times as a rap producer. So to answer your question, by the time I met him I had already changed my mind about him but originally I didnít like the way he was always lashing out but now I completely understand why he did it and by knowing his upbringing it makes sense and I do think he meant well in all cases. He was just trying to be as real with people as possible without bullshit and if they couldnít take it he didnít care, you gottaí respect that.

2Pac2K: Will "Thug Angel" be released worldwide or will 2Pacs international fans have to order it via internet?

QDIII: Thug Angel will be released world wide Iílm not sure exactly what date but probably close to April 2nd 2002.

2Pac2K: What are your personal highlights of "Thug Angel"?

QDIII: There are so many highlights letís see there is a part in the movie where we show Pac in the studio explaining and kind of directing the Outlawz on how to make records faster and he goes on to explain that when he did his album it only one week to do it. He tells them make the beat hurry and lay your vocals and whatever your last word on the rap is use that as the chorus then jump to the next song, fuck sitting around and trying to listen for details just move, we donít have time for all that shit! Another favorite is the gunrange footage because he is so casual and we include the whole 30min interview on the DVD. But really there are many many moments in the film that are priceless. Oh I almost forgot, we have him in action on stage bagginí on various artists hard, I donít want to mention names, but itís Juicy.

2Pac2K: You told me that the video will feature an interview Tupac did at an age of 17 in Marin City, is that the footer which was also shown on MTv's Biorhythm that went something like this "...I'm most like my mum because I'm arrogant, totally arrogant..."?

QDIII: Itís the same interview but the whole thing ( in the bonus footage & the film) itís about 30min at least. For all those who think Pac was always the Deathrow Pac please watch this because itís very telling and sad because he had such a good heart. Better than most.

2Pac2K: Will there be a soundtrack for "Thug Angel" or will the movie feature previous unreleased 2Pac songs?

QDIII: Yes there will be a soundtrack but it will come out a month later. It will feature most of Pacís friends in the Rap game Iíll keep you posted on specifics but itís gonnaí be hot.

2Pac2K: What price can we expect for "Thug Angel"?

QDIII: Thug Angel will sell for around $20.00 even in the US and probably around the same world wide. It will be like Christmas for any one interested in Pac because it contains 4hours of material and it should have been a double CD but we didnít want to raise the price so everone could afford it.

2Pac2K: Which Tupac family members / friend did you interview on the video?

QDIII: Iíll name a few Step Father/mentor Mutulu Shakur(from Jail), Step Brother Mopreme, Shock G, Treach, Johnny J, Leila Steinberg(who Pac lived with for 4 years & manager),Atron Gregory (manager), Quincy Jones, Rashida Jones, Henry Fazon(Body guard), Black Panthers, Mike Dyson, Money B, & Davey D. We tried to stick with people who really knew Pac not just people who Pac worked with. The people in our film knew Pac as he was, the human being. Thatís why the film offers such an intimate look at him, not just exploitation, if you ever wanted to meet him, watching the film will give you a very good feel for what it would be like. He was about so much more than just getting murdered and doing diss records as im sure you know.

2Pac2K: Will you discuss details on the L.V. shooting / alive theories on "Thug Angel"?

QDIII: We talk about every aspect of his life.

2Pac2K: You did work together with Leila Steinberg, rumors say that she is going to release a second "The Rose That Grew From Concrete", do You know if that's true?

QDIII: Iím not sure, I can find out.

2Pac2K: What's Your favorite Rap CD's (Favorite 2Pac album and Favorite "non" 2Pac album)

QDIII: Favorite Pac would be all of it, if I had to choose a whole album Iíd probably say "Me Against The World". Other than that I like India Arie. By the way Pac would only really listen to Dionne Farris and Tori Amos type of music.

2Pac2K: You've also told me that You and Pac wrote "To Live & Die In LA" within' one and a half hour. What was the most impressive thing that ever happened when you were with Pac?

QDIII: Pac was a first mind type of person, by that I mean he listened to what ever came to his mind first and went with it so just being around him and seeing him write so quick or make important decisions in a heartbeat was always impressive non stop. I was there when he signed onto do Gang related, we were working on Makaveli and he told the film company if me and QD3 can do the score Iíll do the movie and that was that but after he passed away they didnít grant him his wish but we did end up with the title track Lost Souls.

2Pac2K: There are 2 new 2Pac albums scheduled for this spring, the soundtrack for MTv's and Amaru's 2Pac movie and a double album which is supposed to be named "Soon As I Get Home". Are you going to produce/remix tracks for this albums? If yes, can you tell me names of the songs?

QDIII: Iím not sure yet because we always finish the songs right before release so weíll see. I heard some of Johnny Jís tracks that are going on there and they sound just like the A lot of the old stuff they did, great.

2Pac2K: What are your plans for the near future, are you going to do more movies, or do you plan to stay in the music business?

QDIII: I plan on doing both, I almost like doing movies better only because itís like telling a complete story and you can get a bit more creative. But Iíll always do both, I also do a a lot of movie scores, I just did a Chris rock movie. On the new Mack 10 cd I did a song with him , Xzibit, & Scarface. Take Care, QD

2Pac2K: Thank you for the interview

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