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Thug Life and Jail

Goin to jail first of all made me humble. Not cuz niggas was scarin' me, people took that Vibe interview wrong. I was not in no danger it wasn't like niggas was screamin' I'm gonna kill ya, I was walkin' around in 200 dollar sweat suits in Rikers Island ya know what I mean, livin'! Niggas was given me love, sending me shit, Latin Kings giving me shit. Everybody was giving me shit they was like " you representin' we got love for you" It was love. It was out of that love that I was like yo thug life is dead. I was like while I'm in jail thug life is going to jail with me. Cuz nobody has the power, nobody is like me to be able to represent this while I'm locked down. I felt I was goin' away for years! I couldn't let nobody represent it. And I would see how many soldiers I had by comin' to jail. I was like oh no I got to stop this. I gotta re-think this cuz I didn't plan Thug Life. I just said it, it was how I felt. I said it and I lived it. Now I gotta take my life, see what I live and represent and dictate wha t this means, and then let niggas be a part of it. Thats why I killed it, I murdered it and choked it, all them niggas that was rappin I murdered and choked they careers as far as being with me cuz if it was a Thugs life shit would have happend differently. I wouldn't have gotten shot like that. So this Thug Life got destroyed. And then I came out with my shit. And even then I had niggas on my team that I shouldn't have had on my team. I should have started all new in the game. That's why everybody who was on my team has made it. Niggas in jail was talkin' like they was so surprised that I was in jail and not knowin' that everybody goes to jail its just like the same shit that makes you wanna buy my shit is the same shit that put you in jail. I understand what they was sayin. They was in the dope game and they was taken every chance they could get and I'm in the rap game and I'm not taken the chances that I need to. I'm just acting like I can come back tommorrow and thats what I thought. I thought that because I was raw and that I knew I had talent in my heart, I never thought I was the best rapper or the best nothing. I believe that I was the realist nigga out there. I think I own that. I think being real is just being true. I'm the nigga that will be wearing a suit when all the other niggas is wearing khakis. I'll be bald headed when everybody is wearing braids. I'll wear braids when everybody is bald headed. It's like I'm just being real. I don't have no insecurities. I take my insecurities and show everyone. I tell em' about my mo m about my life me being little, I make it harder. Whatever happens happens and thats why I'm chasing these niggas hard. This nigga Biggie is 3 times bigger than me and everbodys sympathyzing with him. They acting like I'm bulleying him. This guys 3 times bigger than me and I'm asking this nigga to fight.

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